How good are my chances of making to a good B-School? What would happen in the placements? Can I make it happen?

FeaturedHow good are my chances of making to a good B-School? What would happen in the placements? Can I make it happen?

I am a 25-year-old guy, though I don’t look that old. I completed my B.Tech (CSE) in August 2017 from a less know WBUT college and don’t have any work experience of any sort at all. By the time I was doing my final year project, I had lost my enthusiasm for IT industry and appeared only for 2 selection process (got selected for one:- onsite tech support). My graduation DGPA/CGPA is 8.42. I am from Kolkata and did my Secondary and Higher Secondary education from state board with 78.56% and 76.57% marks respectively. I don’t have any major academic or extracurricular achievement under my name. I am just too-too average guy. Not a robust profile, I know. I had appeared for CAT 2018, I got 94 percentile and I belong to NC-OBC category. I am thinking about applying to colleges like NITIE (Mumbai), VGSM (IIT Kharagpur), SJMSOM(IIT Bombay), DMS/DOMs (IIT Delhi, Madras, Roorkee & IISC Banglore), FMS-BHU, UBS(Chandigarh) AND TAPMI (I have no IIT dream to be full filled, it’s just that these colleges are less expensive and have good ROI).

One more thing I need to tell, in CAT 2016 (my final year) I scored 81%ile, got calls from 9 IIMs (baby and new ones) and converted for 3 of them (I don’t know how; my CAP interview was a horrible disaster). I didn’t take admission because of many reasons but mostly because I chickened out. I got scared of things to come, responsibilities, life st IIMs, competition and all. But now things have changed, I realize that if I don’t change, overcome my fears and don’t take my chances, I will never make it big. As Green Lantern said: ” Fear is the enemy of Will”.

Your frank and realistic thoughts and suggestions are welcomed.

Crazy Weird Things That Happen With A Guy In Love

FeaturedCrazy Weird Things That Happen With A Guy In Love


Whether Valentine’s Day is in proximity or not, Love is always in the air. Somebody is getting into a newbie relation or getting kicked out of an old one. Love is that concoction of emotions which makes you go head over heels for someone special. No-one is completely immune to Cupid’s arrow, once struck, you go through a frenzy of wild emotions and hormonal rush. You deliberately do things which you never thought of even in you weirdest dream; things you considered dorkish. Being a guy I can totally relate to the craziness a boy undergoes in an affair. So without any further delay, let’s take a peep into “Crazy Weird Things That Happen With A Guy In Love”-

  • You Are On Cloud 9 and So Are Your Hormones: 
Finally a Tinder match. I’m on cloud 9 right now.

Someone who has been single for a long span of time or may be for the entirety of his existence, getting into a new relationship feels ecstatic. It’s like being on the top of the world and wanting to call out her name just the way SRK did in 90’s movies. A popular dating site eHarmony conducted a psychological study of couples and identified this stage of Love as “BUTTERFLIES” which is characterized by a blend of happiness, contentment,  infatuation, attraction, and hormonal outburst.  There is a remarkable surge in euphoria-inducing chemicals/hormones including dopamine, oxytocin, adrenaline, and vasopressin. Oxytocin(Love Hormone) is responsible for consolidating attachment and sexual arousal in couples. However, sex hormone ( primarily testosterone ) production level either remains same or declines in males. Love-struck females, in contrast, have higher levels of testosterone.

  • Ovaries Before Bro-varies: 


“Bros before hoes” doesn’t apply when that girl is your girlfriend or future wife.”

Do you know what’s the biggest lie written in Bro Code: “bros before hoes”. Never seen any bro sticking to this code. As soon as a flower blooms on the deserted lonely islands of a guy’s heart, he forgets those shrubs and bushes he had been hanging around so long. He starts calling off group plans at the last minute. He is found phubbing when with friends and often ditches or ignores them. They are probably the ones who helped you get your girl and now you pay off like this. Dude, this isn’t cool. The moment you hit the rock bottom, you’ll go running back to those friends again. One should try to hit a balance between love life and social life.

P.S.: “Bros before Hoes” is just an American phrase. I don’t intend to derogate any girl in any manner.

  • “I’m gonna pay the Bill”: 

    You better pay the bill Bro….else your next date seems unlikely.

We all have that one friend who is a typical niggard. He is one of the greatest misers to walk on the face of Earth. He has a long list of outstanding treats to be settled, often asks others to pay for him, and shamelessly puts the act of being penniless (he has it in the wallet we all know). This very same guy undergoes an overnight miraculous transformation as soon as he gets into a relation. He flaunts as if he is Bruce Wayne and deliberately insists on paying the bill for the date. Most of the guys think that it’s their obligatory duty to disburse the bill. Where the fcuk is this written? In times of rising “Women Empowerment & Gender equality”, this kind of chivalry is absurd.  A girl should pay for herself. At least this keeps the relation transparent in monetary terms (no-one accuses no-one of looting if the occasion arises).

  • Out Of Your Own League:Magic happens

    Let The Magic Happen

We all have heard about crazy shit people do in love. It only goes from wild to wilder and then wildest. Love drives you nuts and pushes you out of your own comfort zone.  Stepping out of that zone initiate metamorphosis in you as an individual and evolves you into a “New You”. Somebody you never thought you could ever be. This evolution can be good or bad depending on the driving force behind it. For instance, a friend of mine learned to sketch to charm his GF, while another one started singing to impress his love interest.  Someone went from fat to fab abs. The actual struggle begins when you get the girl and you are willing to put any amount of effort to keep it that way. For me, being a shy guy, buying a sanitary pad for my girl was quite a challenge once.

  • Just Wanna Be With You: 

    You haven’t even left and I’m missing you already.

This is something which is mutual to both the sexes when they fall in love. You constantly feel the urge to be with your special one and become restless when they are not around. You may apparently think that it’s not oxygen or food keeping you alive but her. She constantly runs a marathon on your mind no matter whether you are in classroom, office or even bathroom taking a shit. You giggle reading her messages and looking at her pics brings a silly smile on your face, while others around you wonder “what’s wrong with this dude?”. You just wanna be with her all the time. Her mere presence triggers the release of oxytocin and dopamine (Feel good hormone)  in you body.


  • I Thought “Nothing Is Perfect” Until I Met My GF: nothing-is-perfect

It has been said for ages “Love is Blind” and it’s true to a great extent. Unlike girls, guys have a natural tendency of neglecting minor details. This tendency is magnified a good no. of times when a boy gets in a relationship. This happens due to elevated levels of dopamine & serotonin. New love can have similar effects on the brain as cocaine. The guy simply overlooks the negative traits of his love interest and focuses on the positive ones. Consequently, apparently creating the illusion of the girl being “PERFECT“. You don’t mind whether she’s bossy, midget, hot-headed, thoughtless or naggy. You are more than willing to compromise with all of these and lot more. This may work for awhile but in long term, it’s a recipe for disaster.

  • You Got a New BFF:    
    You Made This Friendship Bracelet. 

      So now you have a new BFF and she’s called your GF. You spend  85% of your time awake either talking to her or thinking about her. Living in a euphoria, You ain’t serious about your work, studies or anything else. You have lost sleep as well as appetite. You have been ignoring your friends for awhile. You share things with her which you haven’t told your best friend and even indulge in back-bitching. Your mother has no idea where the hell you have been, but you provide a minute-to-minute update of activities to your sweetheart.


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5 Revolutionary Technologies which are gonna be Gamer Changers in Upcoming Decade!!

5 Revolutionary Technologies which are gonna be Gamer Changers in Upcoming Decade!!

f2So far 21st century has been an era of astounding and groundbreaking technologies. From Bluetooth to NFC, iOS to Android,  Abiocor Heart to Human Bionics, Facebook to Skype , IBM’s Watson to Apple’s Siri and the list continues. Curiosity and Necessity driven Engineering and Technological Researches are redefining human living and civilisation. Technology which only existed in ideas , fictions or was not even thought of a few years ago is becoming reality. Here are 5 phenomenal futuristic technologies which are gonna be viable in forthcoming decade:




Revision Military’s Kinetic Operations suit demonstrates TALOS technologies exoskeleton , integral armour & helmet with SA gear

TALOS / IRON-MAN :  February, 2014  American President Barrack Obama jovially proclaimed: “We are building Iron Man”. He might be kidding then, but there was certainly silver of truth in it. So is Iron Man getting real ??  Tony Stark?  Arc reactor?.  Jarvis?.. Hi-Tech ballistic Armour suit ??  WOOOAAAAH !!….Nope.

 US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) is building a battery powered robotic exoskeleton which is supposed to give its wearer Superhuman strength & perception and it goes by the name of “TALOS” (Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit). The idea of Iron-Man like suit was conceived by Admiral William McRaven, after a U.S. soldier died in Afghanistan under his command. The suit is a liquid armour (adaptive nano-tech liquid material ) which solidifies when hit by a bullet or voluntarily triggered by magnetic/electric current. TALOS is collaborative endeavour of 56  corporations , 16 Govt. agencies, 13 Univ. and 10 National labs which includes big guns like DARPAMIT. The envisaged features are:

  • Bulletproof & weaponized armour.
  • Intelligent suit weight distribution.
  • SATCOM antenna & 3D audio
  • Powered cooling vest to sustain body temperature.
  • Embedded computer
  • Biosensor equipped combat shirt to monitor physiological status.
  • Load bearing exoskeleton.
  • Helmet integrating communication and optical gear.

With a staggering $80 million already been disbursed on this project, USSOCOM is expecting to produce fully advanced TALOS prototype by August,2018. Wait a sec, what if USSOCOM incorporates TALOS with super-enhanced Jetpack International H2O2-z in near future….IRON MAN gets REAL!!



Hendrik  Jonker with his Bioconcrete

SELF-HEALING OR LIVING CONCRETE : If you take a look at your surroundings in any Urban / Sub-urban area in any part of the World, you will observe that one thing is ubiquitous. That’s CONCRETE!! Being used by the Romans to build the Pantheon, Concrete has been moulding human civilisation for more than 2000 years and is the most used material in the World ( over 5 billion cubic yard concrete produced each year). Now, what’s this Living concrete? Does it eat or breathe?

Dutch Microbiologist Hendrik Jonker wondered whether a concrete can heal its cracks and potholes analogous to human body’s bone healing process through mineralization. Hendrik, after a series of trials & errors with micro-organisms, finally came up with calcite precipitating bacteria (either bacillus pseudofirms or sporosarcinia pasteraii) that can survive 200 years without food or oxygen. The bacteria is kept dormant inside  bio-degradable capsules containing calcium lactate (food for bacteria) and is mixed with the concrete. When concrete cracks and water enters the crevice, the bacteria gets active and feeds on the food , yielding limestone and fixing the crack. This concrete has numerous merits:

  • Decreased production of concrete.
  • Safer and more durable infrastructure.
  • Lower maintenance & repair cost.
  • Reduced carbon dioxide emission (carbon footprint) from concrete production.
  • Applicable for existing buildings and monuments as spray.

Despite of these merits, Bioconcrete’s cost has been its primary impediment. It costs 40%-50% more than standard commercially available concrete. It can amend cracks only upto 0.8mm wide. Well, it would take a while to be commercially feasible and more effective. Hendrik  was among the finalists of European Inventor Awards (2015) for his remarkable invention.



The world’s first Lab grown beef burger displayed to camera before being cooked on a TV show in London in August,2013    

IN VITRO MEAT: The impetuous fourfold surge in world population in the last century has led to numerous alarming situations. There will be over 9 billion mouths to feed by 2050 and at current rate of producing and consuming meat, it’s likely to be highly unsustainable. May God bless Mark Post who started investigating Cultured/Synthetic  meat in 2008 and got an astonishing breakthrough in developing In Vitro meat in 2013.

In Vitro meat is meat grown in Lab using Tissue Engineering and Cell Agriculture. The process involves taking out Stem cells painlessly from live animals and putting them in a Culture medium provided with an edible Scaffold for growth inside a Bioreactor. No genetic manipulation is done.  The technique can produce 10,000 kilos of synthetic meat with a small sample of muscle. Researchers already considering it as sustainable and animal friendly alternative for future just in case the need arises. The advantages of In Vitro meat over traditional meat are plenty :

  • Potentially economical as it will require less livestock food, space, water and manual labour.
  • Emphasis on Animal Welfare as no suffering or slaughter is involved.
  • Reduced animal waste and  methane emission .
  • Effective control over global warming.
  • Hygienic and sterile meat source.
  • Better public health as livestock induced diseases and infections can be prevented.

Due to technical challenges associated with large scale production and cost reduction of   In Vitro meat has not been commercialised yet.The first In Vitro hamburger costed $25,000. People are also skeptical about consuming unnatural meat. Mark Post believes that 20-30 years from now, there will be a viable industry producing alternative meat. !!FINGERS CROSSED!!




VERTICAL FARMING:  As the world population continues to reach 9 billion by 2050 (People should have taken Family Planning & Birth Controls seriously , still never too late for anything) and by the same time 80% of the populace will be getting urbanised, the future of the Vegans appears to be gloomy. Food and Agriculture Organisation (UN) estimates that to avoid mass malnutrition, the food production needs to be escalated by 70% by 2050. To meet this proposed surge in crop production more agricultural land is required, but the only option for doing so is cutting down of the Rain Forests. NO WAY!!THIS IS A NIGHTMARE!!

Fortunately, the future of agriculture is here. Vertical farming is the most advanced urbanised agricultural methodology where sustainable vegetables, fruits and plants are grown indoor under controlled environment in multi-storey buildings. It is implemented by two techniques :

AEROPONICS:-  The deliberately exposed roots of the plants are sprayed on with nutrient laden mist.

HYDROPONICS:- The plant roots are dipped in nutrient semi-liquid mixture. 

Pink Houses practice urbanised farming by cultivating plants under a mix red and blue light ( apt shade of magenta) with favourable ambience. Vertical farming comes with amazing plus points:

  • No soil required.
  • Year round production.
  • No restriction of crop season.
  • Weatherproof production.
  • Reduced usage of herbicides,pesticides and fertilisers.
  • 20 times faster growth.
  • Better & efficient usage of resources like space, energy (light).
  • Water conserving as it requires comparatively 91% less water.
  • Toxic free food.
  • Economically viable and enables very large scale production.

Though the initial cost of setup is quite huge, but potential profitability can’t be overlooked. Very soon Vertical farming is gonna take the world by storm.




OCUMETIC BIONIC LENS: This one is my personal favourite. Being a guy who wants to dump his nerdy specs and is too incautious for using contact lens, Bionic Lens seems like a miracle. For those suffering from visual impairment, weakened vision, cataracts or are even blind, this can be the most quintessential solution. Ocumetic Bionic lens  ,designed and developed by Dr. Garth Webb (Optometrist and CEO of Ocumetics Technology Corp), are not like the usual commercial lens. They are Intraocular and need to be surgically inserted into a patients’s eye. Ocumetic Lens are prposed to have following capabilities :

  • Enhance vision up to 3 times better than Universal Standard for normal vision: 20/20 vision.
  • Painless surgical implant and that too within 10 minute(more or less similar to Cataract surgery)
  •  Cure  visual anomalies to certain extent or completely.
  • Lens don’t with time and are supposed to last 100 years.
  • Feels natural and won’t cause headache or eyestrain.
  • Expected cost of lens is somewhere between $1000-$3000 (Surgery Cost included)

Whopping $3 million has been spent in funding for research, international patents, and trials. It will be provisionally available in 2017 after thorough clinical trial on animals and blind human beings. I guess a few years down the line , we may get to see Lens capable of scanning , googling , capturing images, night vision enabled and what not!!. (Remember Tom Cruise’s Scanner lenses in Mission Impossible:Ghost Protocol).

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8 sure-shot ways to get over break-up

Well , You are going through a recent Break up trauma and its freaking the hell out you !! Whether it’s your call or the other person’s decision, break ups do hurt bad. You don’t feel like being yourself anymore and apparently it seems like the end of the World. You have probably locked yourself up in the darkest deepest tomb you could find and listening to Mohammed Rafi’s  greatest sad songs in recluse. Your are in mess and this is How You can Overcome that Mess : –


Ex-BLOCK: The first thing which you should do without a second thought is block your Ex right away from any mode of contact . Whether its Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,Skype,Snapchat,Vine, Pinterest or whatever it is block them . There is no point in awaiting a reply or stalking them on social sites and feeling miserable seeing how happy your Ex is without you.Trust me, this will save you a lot of heartache. “What If my Ex  really Wanna comeback  to me?”.Duh…if he/she has the will , they will surely find the way too. 


FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS:  The thing is you have just parted your way from someone close to you. You are suddenly hit by magnus  amount of loneliness ,which is psychologically as good as getting smashed by Thor’s hammer. You feel abandoned in crowd. You can’t talk it out to your parents or siblings. Before it gets worse , send the “SOS” to your close friends. These benign rascals can drag your ass out of almost any miserable shit you can put yourself into, cheer you up ,make you laugh or at least  share your sorrow without being judgemental.


 WORK-it-OUT :  Break ups not only affect you psychologically and emotionally ,but torment your body too. You become vulnerable to developing   post-traumatic stress disorder (PSTD) which can put you at risk of  diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and pain. Researchers have found that being ignored causes same chemical reaction in brain as physical injury.
So maybe it’s a good time to indulge yourself in some intense workout regime like Gyming ,Swimming, Cycling,kickboxing and what not.Physical exercise stimulates release of “feel good hormones”e.g. Serotonin,Dopamine, Endorphins in the body. I guess , I don’t need to tell you more about this…right?


EXPLORE YOURSELF: “An idle mind is Devil’s workshop” ..may be it sounds irrelevant but actually it makes perfect sense.Your grief-stricken ,alone in your room having some “ME time” with yourself , what do you imagine yourself doing? Thinking about your Ex , soaking yourself into hurtful memories ,smoking ,listening to sad shit,staring the ceiling, or may be pleasuring yourself with “self stimulation” stuff.
The basic idea is to get busy with things you like ,things you wanted to do, to explore your possibilities and pursue your passion instead of simply fucking yourself up. Each human is born with some sort of fettered Greatness,unleash it. Work on yourself.BE YOUR OWN HERO.


PLENTY OF FISH IN THE SEA: If you are feeling Low just because someone one left you or repudiated you. Don’t stress on it .MOVE ON!! There are plenty others in the sea. You may be down on your luck with this one , but who knows you may find someone even better (someone you deserve ).So just hold on.When the right time comes Fate will bring the right person in your life.Until then keep fishing !!


SINNER’S REDEMPTION: This one is for Dick-head scumbags. They are by nature promiscuous and like to get laid , play with emotions of others for pleasure or money. In short Casanova or Seductress. They do what they do until the day they find someone really nice (ta da Prince Charming or Princess Anastasia ) and they fall in love . Here karma comes into play and the predator gets preyed on. Now you have to taste your own medicine . DEAL WITH IT.!!


ABUSE-it Therapy: okay this one is for those who were cheated, screwed, got played on ,bamboozled  and blah blah blah.It has been found that abusing helps tolerate pain. Personally I don’t validate abusing or using slang unless you have a pretty good reason for it. This may sound like “JAB WE MET” rip off. What you gotta do is to find a secluded place (terrace, bathroom, when you are alone at home) where no one can hear you, then agonize yourself with all the sufferings,tortures and predicaments you went through and just burst out.Scream all you anger out.Abuse it out loud. If you can’t shout , pen it down and burn it away.Some may hesitate, saying “I still love him/her.”But does you love mean anything to your Ex ? Why did he/she did this to you ? Think !!

P.S. : Please don’t  send your abusive regards to your Ex or do anything which can land you up in Jail. The best thing to do here is  “FORGIVE & FORGET”. Let Karma do what it does best.


APPRECIATE WHAT YOU HAVE: Letting someone close to go is not easy. It breaks you down , demoralizes you ,you loose faith & still you hope to get back together. You have to let it go and appreciate what is still left with you : FAMILY & FRIENDS .Cherish their affection and admiration.Let bygones be bygones. Treat it as a bad experience or a mistake to learn from. There is still a lot more to come. Find your purpose and pursue your goals.

DO’S :-

  • Be Patient. Break-up recovery might take some time.
  • Rediscover and reinvent yourself.
  • Cry your pain out when you feel like crying.
  • Stay away from any negative thought or person.


  • Blame yourself or feel guilty.
  • Rush into another relation.
  • Isolate yourself.
  • Indulge into eating junk food or boozing.It slows down your thinking prowess and delays recovery.
  • Cyber-stalk you Ex.

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